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Analogue Octaver pedal by Beta Alvin similar to the Boss OC-2 except this pedal has a distortion function which can be used inconjunction with the one octave down mode. The two modes of operation are thus one/two octaves down and clean blend or one octave down with drive/level controls. The pedal is quite synthy sounding especially in the drive mode and may find use with bass guitar as well. The pedal is of good quality and housed in a metal case works of battery or 9 volts external dc. The pedal will be supplied boxed with re-printed generic instructions.


                                                          Cost £35.00 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally) 


Acoustic Simulator pedal by Beta Alvin this is an excellent clone of the Boss AC-2. This pedal turns your electric guitar into something like an acoustic guitar its an analogue circuit and does a pretty good job of the whole thing. The pedal is of good quality and housed in a metal case works off battery or 9 volts external dc. The pedal will be supplied boxed with manual.


                                                            Cost £35.00 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


Overdrive pedal by Lindo Guitars uses mosfet transistor clipping rather than just the normal diode type to give a more natural overdrive sound, controls for volume, drive and tone plus high pass/low pass filter switch. Operates from 9 volt battery or external power supply, true bypass switching and good high output volume. This is a good quality pedal with nice spun aluminium knobs will be supplied boxed with instructions.


                                                                 Cost £30.50 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


Well made clone of the original Ibanez Tube Screamer uses the RC4558 chip as per Keeley modified Tube Screamers. In independent tests there is very little difference soundwise between the Joyo Vintage Overdrive and the original type Ibanez Tube Screamer. The pedal is true bypass and housed in a metal case supplied boxed with instructions.


                                                                    Cost £25.50 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


The Chord GE-50 Graphic Equalizer is a excellent clone of the Boss GE-7 housed in a tough metal case. There are 7 frequency bands plus output level controls, the pedal can be used for detailed tone shaping or just a clean boost. The pedal can be powered off 9 volt battery or external 9 volts dc input. The pedal will be supplied boxed with no manual.


                                                                   Cost £22.00 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


Effective noise gate with controls for Attack, Decay, Threshold and unusally Level. The inclusion of the Level control gives the pedal a good degree of boost so signal losses in the effects chain can be compensated for or just use it as a clean booster with the threshold set to maximum. The pedal can also be set up to give envelope type shaping effects say a very slow attack/medium decay with a low threshold setting. A very unusual noise gate pedal good for experimenting with housed in a tough cast metal case.


                                                                     Cost £22.00 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)  


Analogue bass chorus pedal with integral low cut filter to give varying levels of chorus flavour to the bass guitar. Use of the low cut filter allows precise control over the amount of 'wobble' applied to the lower frequencies. Many different settings are available from deep swirling to light spatial effects. Controls for Rate, Depth, Low Cut and Level, the pedal is housed in a cast metal case.


                                                                        Cost £22.00 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


Budget very high gain pedal does exactly what it says metal, surprising good sounds from this little beast.  Controls for Level, Filter and Drive the pedal is housed in a tough plastic case. Will be supplied boxed with instructions.


                                                                           Cost £10.00 Plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


This version of the Rat uses germanium diodes instead of the usual silicon type. This results in a warmer sound with more compression than a standard Rat pedal. The pedal has the usual three controls, status led, glow in the dark graphics, true bypass and housed in a tough metal case. Will be supplied boxed with no instructions. Great pedal loads of gain with a more tube feel to the sound.


                                                                       Cost £70.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


The Seymour Duncan SFX-09 is a professional compressor the gain control element is a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) which offers transparent gain reduction, consistent ratio, and predictable attack/release curves due to the faster response when compared with other compression methods like light and photocell. But perhaps what makes this compressor so unique is the Double Back feature which offers the option to blend back some uncompressed signal to restore some of the dynamics and "feel" lost during compression.

There are three Double Back frequency options: "High" blends back top end only so sharp attack, and harmonics still come through. At low settings, tactile sensitivity is restored. Higher settings let you cut through the mix with amazing control. "Mid" blends back mid-range frequencies, perfect for fattening up your tone; and "Full" blends back the full frequency range to enrich overall dynamics.

The Double Back features a built-in, easy access battery door, a 100% analog signal path and true bypass.


Simply put, a compressor makes quiet passages louder and loud passages quieter. Most other compressors can get in the way of your guitar's natural transients and feel. Thanks to the innovative and unique Double Back feature and associated three-way EQ switch, the Double Back Compressor lets the original guitar signal leak back into the compressed tone for a natural performance like no other.

The Double Back can also increase the clean sustain of your guitar, and it does this with almost no extraneous noise or interference thanks to revolutionary VCA circuit topology. This is the cleanest, quietest and most expressive compressor around. This is an ex-display pedal just vey slight marks on the front panel hardly noticeable, will be supplied unboxed with no manual.


                                                                     Cost £70.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


The Deja Vu begins with the soul of the most musical analog Bucket Brigade delay units of the past and takes you places both digital and analog delay pedals have never before gone. One of the secrets is the D/A Blend (digital-analog) control. Turn it one way and the digital delays are crystal clear. Turn it the other way and the tone is pure analog Bucket Brigade, complete with all of its warm character. Of course, you've also got access to everything in between! For even more otherworldly sounds, the Modulation knob allows the Bucket Brigade chip to morph from slow, wide, and subtle repeats to jittery warbles, perfect for slap back.

Connect a second amp to the stereo output to hear an incredible, ethereal, space-filling stereo effect. Or use the stereo output by itself to get a sound with a totally different timbre.

Unique feature set
While the Deja Vu includes the standard wet/dry blend control and the required delay time adjustment, the Deja Vu also features an analog/digital blend control, to achieve any desired level of balance between the warmth of a real bucket brigade delay and the squeaky clean sound of a microprocessor-based digital delay. There's also a Feedback control, which allows you to dial in a runaway recycling of your sound in the style of an analog tape echo.

Insert jacks
Also features two insert jacks. The Feedback Insert jack allows an external processor to be included in the recycling path, so that the processor's effect becomes more intense at each regeneration, thus continuously morphing the delayed sound as it recycles. The Wet output/loop jack works on the sound after it leaves the recycler, allowing custom tweaking of the overall character of the wet signal before it recombines with the dry signal.

Both insert jacks can connect directly to a standard volume pedal so the Regen Insert jack becomes a foot control for the level of regeneration, and the Wet Insert jack becomes a foot control for the Wet/Dry mix. And you can connect two foot pedals at the same time for ultimate control of the delayed sound.

Tap tempo
The Deja Vu has Tap Tempo to match the delay time to the tempo of the music. And a Ratio Control that gives you multiple delays for each press of the Tap Tempo footswitch. And a tempo "Heartbeat" red flashing LED to keep everybody honest (or, at least, in time). And a "Modulation" control that lets you add a flange/chorus effect to the time delay. The pedal will be supplied in slightly damaged box with manual, these pedals were originally priced at £250 so grab one while you can.


                                                                             Cost £120.00 plus £12.00 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


The Lava Box is not an ordinary MOSFET distortion/overdrive effect pedal. It actually reacts more like a great amp than a stompbox with the depth and dynamics that give well-made amps character.

When you think about the tones that defined so many of the true guitar heroes throughout history, they all really speak. They cut through. They say something. A huge part of that is in the rich midrange frequencies that the amplifiers of the day naturally produced. And, because those amps were typically cranked up to full volume, they were also incredibly dynamic, responding to different picking attacks and even subtle changes to the guitar's volume control.

The Lava Box brings that magic back with its broad array of midrange timbres and its amazing sensitivity to picking intensity and volume changes. One of coolest features is the six-position Rumble bass roll-off control. This rotary knob changes the sonic character of the Lava Box pedal's distortion for a huge range of tones, from bright and spanky to deep and warm. Whether you have the thinnest single-coil in the bridge of your guitar or the woolliest humbucker in the neck, there is a Rumble setting that's perfect for it.

Even at the highest gain settings, you can turn down your guitar's volume control and the Lava Box guitar pedal will clean up beautifully. Onstage, you can set the Lava Box for a loud lead tone and simply use your guitar's volume control to get your clean and crunch tones—all without switching channels or kicking in other effects. In the studio, you can explore the huge array of tones that are available with the intuitive controls, creating special-effect thin tones or spooky dark sounds that are perfect for layering and overdubs. This is an ex-display pedal just slight marks near the rumble switch not very noticeable, will be supplied unboxed with no manual.


                                                                           Cost £60.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)

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