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Rare Tonebender clone by Sunday Amps USA 3 transistor circuit uses two germanium and one silicon top quality PNP NOS transistors. The pedal can be used on normal negative ground power supplies and daisy chained with other pedals as a charge pump circuit is employed within the pedal. The pedal is of excellent quality/build and has a nice road worn look with a crackle type finish on the case. The pedal is true bypass however I have replaced the foot switch and modified the wiring for improved isolation of the effect in the bypass mode. I have also modifed the pedal so it can be battery powered. The pedal has just two controls level/fuzz, the fuzz tones from the pedal are lovely and would rival any pedal of this type on the market. If you are looking for a really great Fuzz pedal this is the one.


                                                    Cost £65.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)   


Tokai famous for there guitars also made some excellent pedals, the TMD-1 was produced in Japan in the 1980's. I have performed extensive modifications to the pedal as listed, replaced original drive amp chip for JRC4558, fit alternative clipping diodes, improve overall headroom/reverse polarity protection/input and output buffers/power supply filtering, increased output volume and fit blue status led. The result is a truly fantastic sounding pedal, lovely overdrive and distortion plus raspy metal sounds, will also do Tube Screamer type sounds. The overall condition of the pedal is very good for its age just a few scratches mainly on the sides, it has been fully checked/serviced and will be supplied in original box with no manual.


                                                       Cost £46.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


The Ibanez DS-7 is a very well built pedal with the facility to lock in the various controls so as not to disturb the settings. In its original form not a very inspiring pedal the sound is rather compressed and lacks dynamics. I have performed numerous modifications which greatly improves the performance of this pedal as listed. Input buffer impedance /headroom increased, drive amp gain and output volume increased plus more dynamic drive amp clipping. The pedal really does now sing and performs particularly well with humbuckers, great variation in the sound with different pickup selection. The distortion responds exceptionally well to playing dynamics and combines perfectly with the unusual active tone control circuit in the pedal. The pedal is in good condition just some surface scratches it has been fully checked/serviced and will be supplied unboxed with no manual. If you are looking for a good responsive distortion pedal for humbucking pickups then look no further, this is the business.


                                                   Cost £35.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)


The Rocktek DIR-01 was manufactured during the 1990's and was not known for being a particular good distortion pedal. The major problems were low output volume plus rather poor distortion characteristics. I have totally revamped the pedal with various modifications as listed. Increased output volume, vastly improved distortion characteristics, input/output buffer frequency response/impedance, tone control range, reverse polarity protection  & upgrade drive amplifier chip. The result is now a very unique sounding pedal , the distortion is very dynamic and ranges from a fairly light crunch to fuzz tones. The pedal has inbuilt treble boost which sounds particularly good with humbuckers giving great top end zing, on single coils it just oozes treble. At low gain setting the pedal can actually be used as a fairly clean treble booster. Made from tough plastic the pedal is in good condition fully checked/serviced and will be supplied in original(tatty) box with manual.


                                                   Cost £18.00 plus £4.50 UK P&P (will ship internationally)

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